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December 22, 2023

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Hi friends!

Whether you’ve wrapped up your family celebrations or are just getting started, I just wanted to check in with you and see how you’re doing.

The workload we’re taking on over the winter is completely out of whack with the energy of the season. ‘Tis the season of naps and steaming mugs of cocoa! 

And yet here we are, running full speed like we’ve got squash to harvest and strawberries to preserve, or whatever.

Anyhoo – this is all to say I wanted to say ‘hi’ and acknowledge that I see you, how much you’ve taken on, and support you in…maybe putting some stuff down.

And this is all a reminder that while these resources are here for you when you need them, just because I’m sharing them with you today doesn’t mean you need to take action on them today.

All I ask is that you review, and keep these in your pocket for when they come in handy raising kind & courageous rascals.

Ooohh – and if you haven’t yet, download the January Story Bingo and play along with your family.

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@raisingluminaries What to do when you’re not okay - coping mechanisms to stop spiraling when you can’tbtake a break #parentingtips #smashthekyriarchy #selfcaretiktok #wellnesstips ♬ original sound - Ashia Ray 🇵🇸🍉♾️

Coming up next

Let’s kick 2023 off with a (tiny and very do-able) healthy habit!

Our next Accountabili-Buddies challenge starts on January 1st.  (And it’s totally okay if you want to join in a little late.)

I’ll be back next week with an update on our Collab Lab discussion on sabotage – unless I catch another bug from the Earthquakes for a third week in a row (wish me luck!)

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Have you seen the latest from Cerebellum? Help Bellamy escape to safety – contribute to the ‘Get The Fuck Up Outta Here Tip Jar

Choose Your Own Adventure

“If you’re looking for a virtual unlearning space starting in January… a space to slow down, reflect, and build your advocacy skills, my dear comrade Ashia of Raising Luminaries is offering the Winter Incubator.

Ashia is incredibly tactical when it comes to applying social justice into parenting. I’m delighted to share their work because I believe the long journey to liberation is more fun when you can choose your own adventure.“

Nat Vikitsreth, Founder of Come Back To Care

Enrollment closes January 1st. 2 spots left.

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