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December 29, 2023

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Hi friends!

If you’ve been on the fence about joining our upcoming Winter Incubator – let me make your decision easy:

I'd love to join the Winter Incubator, but...

Find workarounds to your concerns here, or let me know what’s holding you back. I use your hesitations and feedback to make upcoming collectives more accessible for all.

As you may have noticed from all the feedback from our members – the four hours we meet each week is designed to save you time long-term.

(We dive deep into how to break out of inertia spirals, shrugging off the ‘shoulds’ that hold you back from taking action, and other fun busywork-killers.)

This year, we’ve divided into two cohorts to flex around our busy days working, caring for kids, and serving our communities.

Choose which cohort you’d like to join based on what works for you.

CEDAR GROUP COHORT (see itinerary)

Session 1: Mondays 1-3pm ET / Noon CT / 11am MT / 10am PT

Session 2: Wednesdays 1-3pm ET / Noon CT / 11am MT / 10am PT

JUNIPER GROUP COHORT (see itinerary)

Session 1: Tuesdays 2-4pm ET / 1pm CT / Noon MT / 11am PT

Session 2: Wednesdays 1-3pm ET / Noon CT / 11am MT / 10am PT

If you can’t make it to either cohort, join the waitlist for next year’s Winter Incubator. The first four new members each year get to choose the schedule.

If the cost of a lifetime registration would impact your living and giving expenses, use whichever sliding scale code makes you most comfortable”

CONTRIBUTOR $1400 – full cost covers my expenses and labor

braintrust24  $950 – for members who already contribute to my work via the Luminary Braintrust

moderate8   $800 – If the higher contributions would moderately impact your living & giving expenses

hardship4  $400 – If the higher contributions would severely impact your living & giving expenses

SLOWPACE $100/month for 14 months – If you’d like to contribute the full cost, but a one-time fee would strain your finances.

Alternatively reach out if you’d like to choose a different level of contribution or break up contributions to fit your budget.

We become really shitty helpers when we fail to identify the motivation behind our care work, we become saviors and cause harm.

While the collectives are designed to turn you into the badass caregiver you always wanted to be – the seasonal collectives are not for *you.*

When we over-give and work under a the hyper-independent martyr model of ‘activism’ we’ve been taught, we burnout and become just one more problem our allies and accomplices need to deal with.

Our failure to turn inward and reflect ruins activism and care work for those who come after us – including our kids.

Why would they want to follow in our footsteps when the work we do is full of self-loathing, isolation, and exhaustion?

It’s time to set a better model for our kids and our comrades. Don’t join us to help yourself – join us to become a force amplifier for everyone you care about.

The Winter Incubator is for caregivers working to ignite the next generation of kind and courageous leaders.

As caregivers, we are limited in what we’re able to tackle – which means by the nature of our care work:

We work at home to support our families

We work outside the home to support our families

We don’t do what other folks define as ‘work’ at all to support our families, because that is what the kyriarchy is designed to make us believe.

Our care work is usually disqualified by outsiders because to juggle the needs our our families and our community we:

Spending a ton of time with our kids because that’s what’s sustainable and manageable for our family

Spending very little time with our kids because that’s what’s sustainable and manageable for our family

Constantly feel like we spend too little time collaborating on initiatives, and not enough time with our kids, because that is how the kyriarchy is designed to make us feel.

Our activism looks like:

Getting loud at protests, writing public letters to the editor, and leading the way, because that’s what works for us

Quietly supporting others by preparing food, making photocopies, sending supportive emails, or babysitting, because that’s what works best for us

Sitting in a dark room feeling confused about the ‘best’ use of our time and effort, because we haven’t gotten the support we need to focus and take action.

Feeling like we’re not doing enough activism, or the right type of activism, because that is how the kyriarchy is designed to discount everything we do.

If you identify as a person who parents, who cares about social change, and who wants to put any level of your energy and effort toward making a better world for our kids, you qualify.

And if you feel like you’re not enough, you’re disqualified, and you’re an impostor – the Winter Incubator is designed for you, specifically.

We’ve all got kids interrupting us to make sandwiches, we’ve all got plumbers loudly fixing a broken toilet in the next room, we’ve all got pets interrupting the session.

This is normal, and this is why we’re meeting here together, instead of… the rest of the places that aren’t designed with busy overwhelmed parents in mind.

This isn’t inconvenience, this is just real-life caregivers doing real-life care work. It’s all messy, confusing, and busy, and that’s to be expected.

Allowing us to make space for you, to be patient, to laugh with you while your toddler throws cheerios at your head is a large reason we want to be in community with you.

Okay, cool let me know what’s making you hesitate, and I’ll be completely honest if you should wait until next year.

I’ve told people to wait before – if you’re juggling a newborn, handling a family medical crisis that eats all of your time and attention, or you’ve just started your phD program, maybe it’s best to wait until next year!

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Coming up next

Together with a few of our members, I’ve been working behind the scenes on our Collab Lab on Sabotage for Do-Goodery. But it’s all a mess and not ready for consumption yet.

Meanwhile – let’s kick 2023 off with a (tiny and very do-able) healthy habit!

Our next Accountabili-Buddies challenge starts on January 1st.  (And it’s totally okay if you want to join in a little late.)

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Save the date for Bellamy’s Craft & Chat on January 17th. Register free here

PPS: Before we can launch forward into 2024, it’s best we take a moment to clear the cobwebs for a fresh start. Celebrate your 2023 flops in our Failure Party Padlet, share what you learned, and commit to keep trying so hard you occasionally fall on your face in the new year. You’re gonna fail a lot at anything really worth doing, so…

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Once upon a time, in a year when I was feeling especially stressed and lonely and over-committed and like I couldn’t possibly make time for any additional thing…

The thing was clicking a button. Like this one:

It felt irresponsible (because I didn’t have time!)

And selfish (because it was a thing for me!)

And exciting (because maybe it would make things better!)

And a little desperate (because I really needed things to be better)!

And it worked. It made things better.

It CREATED more time, rather than taking it.

It connected me with amazing, supportive, wonderful people.

It was a total lifeline.

Alison L, 2024 Winter Incubator & 2-Year Summer Accelerator Member

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