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May 31, 2024

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Working Within Your Capacity

Identify where you're spread thin and what reciprocity looks like for you.

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Hi Friends!

Are you maintaining a steady pace of action… or are you starting to push beyond your capacity?

This week, I’m sharing a resource from one of the capers in our Summer Luminator Collective.

I’ve always had trouble asking for the support I needed to keep taking care of my kids and show up for others. I’d burn out, make a mess for everyone, and end up useless.

Now that I have the Summer Luminator to keep me steady, I’ve discovered how to accepting help without shame to decolonize my work. Not just convincing myself it’s okay – but actually identify what I need, communicate with my collaborators, and make the best of our unique resources and abilities.

Over the course of six weeks, the Summer Collective guides us through a journey of five quick and easy weekly capers – each covering strategies every parent needs to balance parenting, activism, and a career without completely frying your brain.

In a single caper alone, we learn:

  • Why we need courage and interdependence to find belonging
  • How supremacy culture has distorted our sense of reciprocity
  • Questions to define what reciprocity looks like for you

Read the bonus transcript from one of the articles on why you need to accept help and reciprocity, and the grab the companion guidebook (linked above) to identify what you need to keep being a badass.

And hey – if it you want to join the Summer Luminator but just need a little more time, financial aid, or flexibility – just let me know in the comments below.

That’s literally what we’re here to practice!

LBT-only early codes expire Sunday. 3 spots left.

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“I joined the Summer Collective because I really wanted some kind of social connection, a support system…”

“I was so focused on activism, it just felt like I lost people. I wanted to spend more time with people like me – who share my values, who are working on this stuff.”

– Alison L.
Parent, Psychology Research Scientist & Educator

Coming up next

For our Summer Collab Lab, I’ll be publishing twice-weekly articles about how we sabotage our own initiatives and collaborators through the Substack Ignition Notes newsletter.

To avoid spamming you with too much email, I’ll pause our Friday LBT updates until I finish that series.

Below, find a digest of all the stuff I would be rolling out in our typical LBT updates. Peruse at your leisure.



Thanks to the commitments I made during our seasonal colelctives and with the help of my accountabili-buddies, over the past two years I’ve made huge progress in managing my emotional eating, created a solid weekly workout routine, and reduced my therapy bills by 75%.

And it took to transform intent into action was a series of small, silly micro-challenges like reaching my arms above my head or looking out a window once a day.

I really appreciate you guys.

Check out the new League of Badassery!

With you,

– Ashia

20 Day Challenge

Join the Accountabili-Buddies!

Small actions lead to big change. Join our April Accountabili-Buddies challenge to set a better example for your kids.

Our next challenge starts on the 1st

We're in this together

What does support look like for you right now?

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