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May 12, 2023

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Family Movie Night

Let's unpack gothy tween movies with our kids!

Hi Friends!

One of the Earthquakes turns 11 next week, and he’s hurtling toward a navel-gazing, angsty tweendom.

We’ve been watching lots of gloomy, purple-shaded TV filled with grouchy characters and an intense eyebrow furrow.

If your little ghoul is overwhelmed by blossoming flora and the horrible, wholesome sunshine of spring, sink into some dark and spooky Family Movie Nights together.

New Family Movie Night Rants

  • Wendell & Wild – The goth school-to-prison pipeline kids movie we’ve been waiting for
  • The School for Good & Evil – We DO need a tween movie dismantling the supremacist binary behind good/evil tropes…. but this definitely ain’t it.
From the archive:

Enjoy these huddled up together in a dark room with some cookies n’ cream clown sundaes (the most sinister of ice cream experiences).

“I’m doing a lot of spinning and thinking ‘I need these credentials and these qualifications’ in order to do the work that I want to do to make an impact.”

“But I’ve already been doing the work, and making the impact. And that’s a place that I need to focus more energy.”

– Maura Kate M.

Enrollment is OPEN for the Summer Parent Activist Collective.

You know that friend who keeps setting themself on fire to keep others warm?

Join the Summer Accelerator as a team and help each other make a deep, joyful impact – without burning out.

Coming up next:

I’ll be back next week with new tools to help you raise creative little weir…leaders. Creative little leaders.

(weirdos are the best kind of leaders anyway).

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Let’s dismantle hyper-independence together in the LBT chat group.

PPS: Kick off summer with a good tiny habit – the next Accountabili-Buddies Challenge starts June 1st.


What was your favorite movie when you were 10?

Let's dismantle the problematic movie tropes we grew up with.

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1 comment

Ashia May 12, 2023 - 11:17 AM

10-year-old Ashia was obsessed with the quirky and loving 90’s Addamns family (none of this bratty 2022 Wednesday shade), Death Becomes Her (which holds up – still hilarious!), the OG Buffy, and Fried Green Tomatoes which makes me feel like I’m telling on myself but fuck it, I LOVED watching white feminists just kind of float through the world and solve problems with oversimplified solutions like being pretty and tough and ranting about candy bars.


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